Stage 0, Stage 1, Stage 2

Stage 0 is pre clinic building. Though the clinic has not been built yet (see Stages 1 and 2 below), Dr. Liz is available to do house calls. She may not be able to provide some services due to these limitations. Patients are encouraged to discuss with Liz what their needs are so she can decide how to best address them.


Stage 1 of the clinic will be in a temporary structure called a yurt.  The Yurt Raising is currently planned for September 26th, 2017. Stay tuned for details about the Yurt Raising Party. Once established, Liz will be able to provide all basic services as described.


Stage 2 will be a permanent building and is in the early planning stages. Liz hopes patients and the greater community will share their ideas about what the permanent clinic should be like. Email her or post a comment below.

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